Friday, March 18, 2011

Inspiration Roses

I am doing the Brown Bag Swap.  And I have been very very bad.  The thing is due April 1st.  Yep, April 1st.  So I decided to get to work on it tonight.fabrics  
She sent me roses, lots of roses.  I added some more roses to the group and cut out some squares.  They looked like pink, so I found some Kona something or other that was pink and made a 14 by 14 grid, for no apparent reason other than it looked like enough at 14.
And I had these great dots on pink.  And no more of the center pink.  But I like the darkness of the dot pink surrounding the squares.  I can't wait until that purple makes it's center squaresway into the quilt!  I don't think I did a good job of spreading the purple squares out, I sort of forgot I had them in the bottom of the pile there.
Anybody can put squares in the center of their quilt so I got the idea that it really wanted to live in the corner.  And I am adding right angle rows of those pink polka dotty pieces!  Fun.
Maybe some triangles next!  Or circles, maybe so.
adding row 2
      Ctr w row 2                                                               

Pink, imagine me working in pink!   But I am!  Here are some of the leftover 2 1/2 in squares surrounded by 2 inch strips.  No rhyme or reason to this either.  Just added them in on a background of those dots. 
I saw a quilt I liked that I am trying to remember.  It had a line of squares outside the next row that was the end of the quilt like a border.   Maybe they were piano keys.   While this won’t be the edges of mine, here is a row of 3 inch squares that will serve at the next row out.  DSC03126   
As you can see, nothing is going to line up properly and I must sew a bit of ease into a bunch of blocks.  I guess I will be sewing ease OUT of the blocks, right?
Ohhhhhhhh!  I just had a really fabulous idea!  Words.  I have been wanting to try Tonya’s Word Play.  It looks complicated and time consuming, so I have been putting it off.  Well, here goes!

R O S E S seemed to be the natural thing.  I thought maybe R O S E but that was someone’s name and I didn’t know any Rose People.  I could wait until someone had a baby and named it Rose, but that seemed too iffy.  So I settled on making one more S.  Like I said, it seemed complicated and I didn't’ want to add any more trouble than I needed to.
Trouble?  Did I say TROUBLE???  It was so easy.  The letters went together so easily.  It was a breeze.  I had a harder time trying to find the letters in the book <they aren’t in alphabetical order, but rather in order of how you make them.>  But once I figured THAT out, It was all downhill from there.DSC03128
If you are putting it off making these letters because you think they are hard, don’t.  They are easy peasy thanks to good instructions and great illustrations. 

Now I decided that some free form roses were necessary.  And I thought that they should run down the left side of the quilt.  I started with two and used some curved piecing to get them to look round.  I was not really really happy with them.  So they are in the middle grey area at the moment. 
Oh, yes!  An idea came to me while I was waiting in the vet’s office getting x-rays of Dutch’s leg that appears to be broken by a fast and wild bundle of trouble called DiNozzo.  Dutch’s fibula appears to be out of place a bit and we see some arthritis and swelling in the general area, so rest and rimadyl.  Which I said yesterday BEFORE we spent $194.88 on the visit.  But hey, vet’s have to eat too.
So here is where the roses will probably go when I fill in the beige on the sides of the letters.  And the cool purple will be down the left side.  But I think it does need a strip of pink between the blocks and the purple to look those are blocks set in the background.   roses wo pinkAnd of course a couple more horizontal pink strips. roses w pink

Now my problem becomes the width and the length.  I prefer quilts that are longer than they are wide.  So I have a dilemma.  I do not have enough of either the pink dots nor the purple roses to put across the top or the bottom to make it taller.  Let me get these portions together and then we can make an executive decision about the length vs the width.  And those weird roses, what will become of them.  I know, you are saying, I like them, leave them in! I can hear you all now.  But I am not sure they are likeable.  Maybe I can find a “rose” block or something that is not appliquéd <I HATE appliqué!! >  Yes, I do!  And if nothing else, the roses need to be switched so the darker one is under the purple and the purple one is on the other side. 
I like this quilt thing.  Maybe if I cut the purple in half lengthwise and moved it to the bottome above the roses. or the top.  Oh, I am afraid to cut it, I may not like it!  What to do, what to do?  You know……..I could turn it.  Then take the letters apart and make them read downward……..How would that look?  Ohhh, I am afraid to cut them, I may not like it!  What to do, what to do?

Trying out different looks.  This one would have the pink strip and the purple/pink strip between the ROSES and the 3 inch blocks.  That would make it longer and a bit wider.  It also has the added strip of roses on the right side, but I don’t like that part of it.  I still need it wider, without the new strip of roses on the right it is at 45 inches wide. 
I have more of the black but I don’t want the heavy black at the bottom.  Too much.
Let me think on it a bit.  I do like the medallion in the corner.  That is a keeper.  And I like the rest of the pieces in place. 
Yes, sleeping on it is the answer right now.


  1. Such 'thorny' problems for so early on a Saturday morning. I like the looks and the playfulness of it all. The colors are good (but definetly not you - I can't believe you are working in pinks). Don't split the purple - you would lose the pop of it on the side. Try a small nine patch in the bottom corner under the purple connecting to the roses and words.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. I too have done the Brown Bag quilt challenge. I too got large print flowers totally out of my box but its done All left to do now is hope tomorrow is a still day and I can take photos outside.


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