Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go figure.........an Honorable Mention

Well, we knew I wasn't going to win, that is reserved for only one person in that guild.  But telling myself it is for charity, makes it only marginally better.

And she ended up with an additional block somehow and it was......you guessed it.......second place.  Wow.

Anyway, remember my quilt made from a block exchange (where she one first place there too) and we were to make quilts from the blocks.  Here is mine and here is the ribbon.  It is a nice ribbon.

I turned them on to the dog show ribbons and now all the guilds are giving them out.  Page loves it!  She is my dog show/pack dog ribbon source.  So if your guild wants to give ribbons out let me know and I will introduce you to Page.

I also made a Fat Quarter Bag from a UFO Quilt top I had laying around.  It was a stroke of genius.  I got a new huge bag and used up a UFO in the meantime.


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