Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Look Ma, No Cavities!

Clean bill of health at the DDS today.  But am going to have them work on a filling that has been in my mouth for about 50 years now.  The last three dentists I have had have patched it, sanded it, babied it along but now it is cracked and the edge is tearing up my tongue.  So it is time to rework the whole tooth.

The last dentist didn't want to do it, but this new guy will.  He looks 12 and has braces on his teeth.  Probably doesn't get spending money from mom so he is working on teeth.  

I liked the gadgets in the office:  a pano camera, a mouth cam and a digital thingy that put pictures up on a computer screen mounted in the ceiling so you saw immediately what you looked like on the inside.  This is not my x-ray, but one that I pulled from or something.

My gums are great and teeth are sound.  I SAW that, really!  Fun.

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