Monday, April 4, 2011

QAYG Blocks done today

That's 28 so far!
I am constantly amazed at how different these quilts look in photographs and on the design wall. 

I want to do a solid sashing since there are so many fabrics going on here.  I would have decided already but you know me, I don't make decisions easily. 

I am really liking these babies.  And they are pretty fast, this is about 2 1/2 hours worth of work.  And I think I have 92 of the blocks.  Approximately.  So in the next few days I need to make a decision. 

I was thinking this was a charity quilt, but maybe not.

A friend fell from a 10 foot ladder and banged himself up pretty badly and I am thinking he might need some quilt comfort.



  1. I love these quilts and I think this would be great gift for someone with a bit of recuperating to do - plenty to look at when you are too tired or sore to do anything else!

    happy stitching!

  2. That pattern looks like it would be fun to make. I need to make one soon!


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