Monday, May 23, 2011

Design Wall Monday 5-23-11

Today is my Alzheimer Mother's Birthday, although she doesnt know it.  I picked up her dirty laundry yesterday and will bring it back today, along with some presents of colors and coloring books and her clean clothes.  So sad.  She used to make beautiful clothing even though as a teenager I didn't appreciate them.

My design wall is so crowded with stuff I can't get to it so i have to have a "design corner".  The leaves are a project for a Virtual Bee and the block is the mystery block from a quilt that was designed to be made for Charity puposes.  We worked on the quilts Saturday at a Sew In.  All the blocks in this one are made and I will create a top for someone to quilt.  

We have 5 quilts going so far in various stages.  

We were asked by the local Habitat For Humanity to create a Charity Quilt for them to auction at their Art For Houses Fair.  This is an interesting auction.  They give anyone interested a $50 gift Certificate to their ReSale Shop.  You go and choose various building materials and create an art object or useful object from it.  It then gets auctioned to raise money for building of houses for those who are working but unable to afford their own house.  The money is also used for ZERO interest loans to those who have a steady employment history but cannot afford to purchase a home.

Anyway, we are excited and thinking about what our Auction Quilts will look like.



  1. I am with you on the sadness of Alzheimer's. My dad is not too bad yet, but it gets worse every month. I fear the day he won't recognize me :(

  2. Just keep loving her and doing the things you are already doing so well (and lovingly). I hope she had a very happy birthday.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom! Do you have any of the clothes she made you? I wish my mom had kept the ones my Grandma made for me and my sister when were were kids. I've kept most of the things I've made my girls.

    Totally interesting project for the Habitat! We used to have a local ReSale store but it got broken into (someone drove through the doors to steal stuff, can you believe it?) Hope the quilts earn lots of $$


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