Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pre-Blog Quilts

I love seeing things people have done in the past.  I think I will be quite full of myself this morning and post some of the quilts I made before I started blogging about it all.

How's this for a South Seas Adventure?  I made it right before we left on a cruise to Belize, Curacao, Costa Rico.  The trip was not nearly as sunny and blue as the quilt is! 

The parrots were too perfect for the back of this one.  It was designed on my EQ6 software.   I wanted a lot of open spaces and I wanted something linear.  I had seen a quilt made of tiny 9 patch squares set in black and loved the look, but hated the tiny squares!  So I made mine 12.5 inches.  It is on point of course to make it straight (as odd as that sounds).  And it was the very first quilt I quilted on my longarm! 

This was the first quilt I made for Andrew.  We had just met him and he was a breath of fresh air after the Boyfriend From Hell.  We were so glad to have a nice, stable boy in her life that when I saw this quilt in one of the magazines, I KNEW it was for him!  I called it Welcome to the Loony Bin!

I did this in 2005 and it was fun to work one.  It gives you the idea that there are curves in the quilt but it is actually appliqued on top of the block backing. And of course the loons are put on there with fusible stuff also.  It is a lap quilt.  After I gave it to Andrew, Carrie informs me that I am not to make anymore "small" quilts.  She only wants to receive BIG quilts.  And then only if I use the right block and the correct fabric.  Needless to say, it was a while before she got another quilt.


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  1. Daughters are absolutely wonderful, lovely people - BUT they can also be 'snippy', without feelings, and downright ornery (only to mothers). I wonder where they get it from.

    Hugs - Marie


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