Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sew Day for Guild Charity Quilts

Today was the second sew day for the Charity Quilts at Sassi Strippers.  7 of us gathered to cut and sort last time.  This time we sewed and cut background strips.  Jessie. Linda and I ran sewing machines, Valerie V ironed, Valerie B cut, Merline laid out the pattern.

The pattern we are using is a mystery  Valerie B found that is designed to be made for Charity Quilts.  So we are in total compliance with the rules on this one!  LOL.

We want to have these finished for the Annual Quilt Show in August at the Library.  We have not decided where the quilts will be donated yet, but we have time to figure that out later!

The pattern was easy to do but it was confusing to put together.  I ripped out several after I thought I had gotten the hang of it all.  Jessie made fun of me ripping all those blocks, then she did the SAME thing!  LOL.

We will meet again to do the next stage of sewing in a few weeks.  I took home the blocks Jessie and I made so I can put them together.  And I made Valerie V take a packet of cut out pieces so she can start to work from a pattern. 

We might make it.  We just might make it if we all give that extra effort!

Thanks, Ladies!

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  1. Wonderful event! I love how you took stations to speed up the process! Thanks for the river pics, too - so interesting to see for those of us up north! Our rivers are high and muddy because we've had an inordinant amount of rain, but it's also typical for this time of year.


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