Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I come from a long line of scavengers.  My mother's father, whom I called Papa, and I were very close when I was young.  My mom was an only child and they treated her like a princess.  So when I came along I was the heir-apparent to the affection.  My grandfather was a man who could make something out of anything, and then sell it and make money.  That is how he lived, like Sanford and Son selling stuff he picked up off the street or someone gave him and then fixing it and selling it.

My mother, princess as she was, would drive in the rich neighborhoods, see some sort of thing beside their fancy garbage cans and make me get out of the car and pick it up.  I remember several notable things like a doll's crib, a table for the foyer, a lamp.  You name it, I had to steal it from some rich person's junk pile.

I have been known, on occasion, to stop and toss something into the back of my car and speed off.  I thought the gene was weakening as it drains down the successive generations.  But maybe not.

I was walking the Demolition Dog commonly known as DiNozzo in Valerie's neighborhood this week and saw where one of her neighbors had pulled up a 5 foot blue agave plant.  I texted Carrie and told her about it. 

Two days later Carrie texted back to see if it was still there.  It was.  She went home to grab Andrew's truck and we were going to pop it into the truck and she would be off.  Notice Andrew did not come, nor did Frank.

When we got there I realized it was a tall as I was and three time my weight.  It was HUGE!  I called Frank to come help, and with two of the neighbors and the guy who was transferring ownership,  we spent the next 45 minutes hoisting it to the truck with a system of levers and pulleys and two by fours and come alongs and two wheelers.  And some gloves and towels because the spikes are nasty on those things.

I got stuck early on and nearly bled out.

We headed to Carrie's house and Andrew was none too happy about having a 7 foot agave plant to haul around while Carrie decided where she wanted it. 

She later called me and said even though he was acting not so happy, he began to feel a kinship with it after a while.  And he is talking about margarita party next weekend.

hmmmmm........I hope the plant has some defenses.


  1. No,no - you approached this all wrong. See, this was a 'rescue mission' (similar to Ralph, the dog) - rescue missions are looked on as good things and fully supported. Why, if you worked this correctly, you could have probably recieved government funding or at least a grant.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. I'd need a drink after the "snatch and run." Not so fast...


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