Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby quilt - is it a boy or girl?

One of Frank's team guys' wife just had a baby.  Now I have known about this baby for, well, at least 6 months.  But do you think I have been pro-active and made a quilt? 


Frank tells me Friday they were inducing labor.  Oh, good, I said, I have the dinosaur quilt already done.  It just needs binding.  I will send that to the little boy. 

Why did I suppose it would be a boy just because I had a definitely boy quilt?  Because I have not made a girl quilt, nor did I even ASK what the baby would be.  Duh!

So Frank says to me, hey, do you have girly dinos?  No, I don't

So this is what I did today.  The pattern came from the Quiltmaker magazine March/April 2010 issue.  It was very quick and easy, I did all the cutting and pulling of fabrics today even.  I had the 2 1/2 inch squares in my Bonnie Hunter box and the 2 1/2 strips in my Bonnie Hunter box as well.  Several years ago I decided to cut up my scraps into squares and had a bunch of 5 inch squares that were cut down to 4 1/2 inch squares because, try as I might, I could not find the 4 1/2 inch square bag.

The white is a sheet that was in my stash from somewhere.  Maybe from Goodwill or the Purple Cow.  In a package so it was clean for the baby.

Tomorrow I will quilt it.  For some reason I made 9 of the 9 patches so one will go on the back in some conflagration.  I am going to piece the back with scraps of brights.



  1. This is a fun quilt - I like it! I really like the border - I think it might be just the inspiration i am looking for!

  2. The colors are so bright and perfect for a baby. Love your baby quilt.


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