Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Sales

I am a sucker for sales.  So when I went to Walmart to purchase a clock (I can't keep one running in here for dirt!)  for the sewing room I checked out the Clearance aisle.  I happened upon the Walmart Clearance aisle a few years ago and now everytime I go in there I check out the items there.  Today I found a gold mine!

These wonderful boxes are $3 each!  Can't beat that with a stick!

And I found this at Hancock's last week.  I like to use flannel in place of the batting in a number of my quilts.  Down here in Louisiana we really don't need quilts that hold heavy warmth, but just light covers for our mostly mild winter nights.  And I love the drape of flannel in a quilt.

I am always on the look out for a good sale on good flannel and found this Norman Rockwell flannel for $1 a yard!  I bought the entire 12 yards left on the bolt!  Check out the pink price tag, girls.  They couldn't sell it at $4.95 a yard.  And they couldn't sell it at $1.95 a yard.  But I scoffed it up at $1.00 a yard!  Yeah, buddy!

And I couldn't resist this one that was sitting on top of the flannel at $2 a yard, so I bought 2 yards.  I can see one of those Letty Bags by Robin.

It looks great just draped over the bench outside.  Maybe I need to get more for some backings........

Happy Mardi Gras!  LOL!



  1. Keep your eye out for flannel sheet sales too. I use flannel sheets a lot as batting and it doesn't have to be seamed!

  2. I love boxes! I collect boxes! I need to check Wal-mart! Great idea about the flannel.

  3. That's a great use for flannel. Between February and March, our weather is so mild that a blanket is too much and a single sheet isn't enough.


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