Monday, June 27, 2011

Design wall 6-27-11

Would you believe nothing has changed?  I'll bet you can believe that.  Where does the time go.  I lay in bed at night and think, what did I accomplish today? 

And somethimes it is hard to find the answer.

We did work on the charity quilts for the August show, so I guess I will claim that as progress.  I got my red and black one partially quilted.  So it was really SOME progress.

Camera needs charging, I left the download cord in last night so you will have to be satisfied with the same old picture again! 

Hope your week was more productive.  Check out Judy's Design Wall post for this morning.


  1. This is very pretty -- I love all the paisley and red! Have you picked a name for it yet? Have a great Monday! :)

  2. Nice looking red/ivory/black quilt. Summer is a tough time to stay indoors! Sandi

  3. Oh, that pattern would work well with finishing up a bunch of my Asian prints! Another project to do now.


  4. I like this quilt too. I find myself asking my self every day, what did I do today? I try to "do" something but there is a time to rest too!!


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