Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On TV Again - check me out

Tell everyone you know so we can finally ID these horrible people who dump sick and malnourished animals and prosecute them.

WBRZ at 5 pm on Tuesday.  They will put the story on their website at http://www.wbrz.com/home/ after it airs tonight.


This will be from the interview we did this morning about the dumps at the CAAWS building. So far in the last year we have had these same women dump over 96 dogs and now 9 kittens in the middle of the night at the building. We have security footage of them but up till now the sheriff’s deputy says we don’t have enough to ID them. In the last three weeks these same women have dumped over 25 dogs and the 9 kittens. We have some really good footage of them now.

you can go to http://www.caaws.org/dump/index.htm to see the women and the videos if you can identify them.  We are pretty sure we know their names.  And we are talking to the Sheriff's dept to work on prosecution.  If you have any information you can call us at CAAWS or the Kleinpeter Sheriff's office and talk to Deputy Harbin.

They put all of the kittens into the smallest crate size, all 9 of them. They were stuffed in there. And there are 7 diseases among them, mange, weepy eyes, conjunctivitis, crud around their nose, bellies distended from worms. Stuffed into that crate.

And the dogs were in no better condition. We can’t bring these animals into our facility and harm our current animals.

This scene has been repeated for the last year.  CAAWS need help with donations and foster homes just to take care of the animals we have from our own Animla Control and owner surrenders.  We need to stop these women from dumping these sick animals here in Baton Rouge.  I'll guess they are doing it at other places as well.

So watch me and Greg on WBRZ at the 5 pm news. Rachel Frost, the reporter. Spent 2 1/2 hours with us at the CAAWS building taking video and talking to us. We have the footage from the security cameras as well that will be on the news. And we have some dogs there from previous dumps. You can also see the story after it airs on www.wbrz.com on their website.

Yes, check me out. I never said the word “amazing”…..not once!


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