Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bad morning

Well, I had a bad morning.  I took Dutch to the vet for his annual physical and had the vet re-xray his left rear leg from when DiNozzo ran into him 4 months ago. 
The x-rays are going to the LSU Radiologist because he suspects Dutch has osteosarcoma.

I felt like he knocked the air totally out of my lungs.  And I still find it hard to breathe. 

Of course he says we can't get upset about it until the radiologist has made his statement.

But I still can't breathe



  1. Oh Glen! Love and positive thoughts going your way for your dear friend!

  2. Oh dear. Thinking of you and Dutch. Give him a scratch from me

  3. Hugs to Dutch, and hoping for the best report.

  4. Lorenzo says to hug Dutch for him. Positive energy going your way.

  5. Positive thoughts and hugs for Dutch and you. Bonnie in Iowa


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