Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Alzheimer mother and the silent auction

The Remember Me Quilt Guild Auction competes with the River City Guild Auction every year.  But this year REME decided to move their shindig up to July and get the jump on River City.  And let me tell you, they most certainly did!

Tonight was their Country Fair at REME.  It is a huge auction of tons of fabric, notions, gadgets, quilts, and food.  The Cake Walk was just like I remembered in Elementary School!  And I stayed away from it!

I did win $128 in stuff at the Silent Auction and bought about $13 in stuff at the table.  But never did I win anything in the  30 or so Door Prizes they gave out.  I just don't win those things! 

And I picked up a whole cloth quilt to learn hand quilting.  I have been wanting one of these and have nearly bought one for $79.99 several times in the last few years.  Here was one for $10!

My friend Jo Paula won the First Prize for her Bonnie Hunter Pineapple Blossom Quilt!  She was totally excited!

Valerie racked up some nice fabric batches to start her stash with.  Now that she is quilting she needs a stash.  When she was collecting her winning stuff, she came to me with a totally puzzled look on her face.  She was holding a bread basket that she won but had never bid on.  LOL.

It reminded me of when we brought my Alzheimer Mother to the Michael Young Fest.  I guess I can tell this now.   I bought $10 in raffle tickets and gave them to her.  I told her to find some things she liked and drop her tickets into the buckets next to the items.  She wandered around the room happily dropping tickets into buckets.  I stopped paying attention at some point. 

All of a sudden i realize that she is taking tickets OUT of buckets and putting them in OTHER buckets. 

I can tell you that there were a lot of really confused people who won stuff they never dropped tickets in for.  We still laugh about that one.

There are so many ways you can have fun at the Quilt Fairs and Auctions.  And if you want some good laughs, I will lend you my mother!


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  1. Your mother and those tickets has given me plenty of chuckles. I think of her and you every time I see an event like that!


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