Friday, July 8, 2011

Leaves and Blue Jeans - - - An update

Well, I can tell you that Frank spent the the other night in his closet taking inventory. I guess he was making sure that was the ONLY pair of dockers I got my hands on. Hee Hee, actually I did go and find one more pair that was in equally bad shape. It was a slightly different shade of blue. I really wanted a black pair, but they seemed to be in good shape. I need to take scissors in there with me next time I go on a scouting mission.

Here is the blue jean quilt. It is a finished top now. Chloe the Smelly Basset likes it ---- a lot. She would not move so I could sew the sections together. I had to bribe her with a doggie bone.

The quilt top is so large that I spread it out in my kitchen. My kitchen is not small by any means. And the quilt takes up nearly the entire floor. I will have to get out the tape measure tomorrow and see just how big it is. See my knees and tennies? I had to get up on the cabinet to take the picture. Don't tell Frank, he hates when anyone sits on a counter. Like I am going to break it.....yeah right.

There are some pretty cool features in the quilt. I will square it up tomorrow and see what happens

I did get some leaves today. You all just know what I need! That is why I love you guys so much!

Here are leaves from Jessica. I am glad you did them, they look fabulous. And your work is very nice, really, I am not kidding!

And I have to admit, every time I think I am thinking outside the box, you gals just one-up me. But I love that too! Here I was going along dreaming of putting this quilt together and what it would look like and I get these in the mail today as well. I adore the green! When I opened the bags my first thought was..........oh no! I should have asked for green hand dyes for the background!

They opened up a whole new thought process in my head.

And we all know that could well be dangerous!

Thanks Ladies!



  1. Loving your denim quilt....almost as much as Chloe it seems!

  2. Several times in the last day or so, either big T or me would burst out laughing about Frank and his docker's. You made our day, week, month. Looks good on the floor too - have you thought about a blue denim rug - just a thought. Somebody had a tutorial on a quilted rug with long strips (as in jean legs) woven into a rug.

    Hugs - Marie


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