Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dutch - vet report

This is the post I didn't want to write.  The vet called today and confirmed the diagnosis of osteosarcoma.

He says 3 to 6 months.  And we will manage with pain meds.  No heroic measures.  Not that he doesnt' deserve all of them two fold, it is just that they don't work.

I will make him comfortable and let him go gently when it is time.  He is not my strong dog.  He always needs me to stand beside him, and I will.



  1. I know he will live out his days in love and comfort. Be strong, my friend.

    Many hugs - Marie

  2. Ooooh........ hugs to you and Dutch!

  3. POh I am so sorry but you must take comfort in the knowledge that he has been loved and will continue to be loved and he doesn't know what else is coming. I am sure the suffering will be worse for you than him. Hang in there. We are thinking of you!

  4. My heart breaks for you Glen - nothing like the love of a dog is there? He is lucky to have you to love him especially now. Will be thinking of you both.

  5. I feel your pain. Abby and I are so sorry for the news. We love our pets and they love us back even more. I'm sure he knows you'll do what's best for him.


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