Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Go Baby!

I am signing up for the Go Baby! at Twiddletails because even though I didn't think I wanted one, I now think I do.  If I win one, it would be like the sun shining though the clouds after a long long long rain.

The news about Dutch has been devastating, and things are so sad around the house right now.  I can't imagine something GOOD happening this week.  But there is always hope. 

And right now, Dutch is not hurting too badly.  And I am in the running for an AccuQuilt Go Baby!

glen:  winning is a good thing!


  1. Good luck - if I could I would tell everyone else not to sign up but I guess that isn't quite in the spirit of things - hope you win though!

  2. Hope you win. Something good for you would be nice. Give Dutch a gentle hug from another dog lover. Bonnie in Iowa

  3. I hope you win too (even if I will be terribly jealous and don't 'talk' to you for a long, long time).

    Hugs - Marie


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