Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just change it! Ole!

This is the byword for 2011 of hair fashionista Daniel Dykes. Looking over the huge passel of hairstyles for medium length hair, I settled on a bob. Again. And yeah, that is me........LOL....not!

Bob Hairstyle Photos: Gallery No. 3I say this because what everyone wants to do to my hair is layer it. But it has never worked being layered because these hairs are fine with a hint of a curl mid head. Not good for layered styles.

FauxhawkSo now that I have SeƱora Celia's attention maybe we can just change it!!!

We had lunch at Thai Chili .....yesterday. Mmmmmmm! Eggplant. Dan says, guess what starts Thursday? I knew if it was Dan it was probably something with sports so I venture .... Baseball?

I also knew it was the wrong answer when he glared at me, disapprovingly!
Summer 2011: 15 Hot Hairstyles
And yes, this is what I really want......sign!


  1. Oh yeah, nothing like trying to grow out your hair and then arguing with your stylist on where you want to go with it.


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