Friday, September 16, 2011

Arancini and Communications

I went to a fabulous cooking class today with the Dardenne boys. It never occurred to me that they were the Dardenne boys of Marsha Dardenne of quilting fame! LOL. They were so funny, the pair of grown men snigling back and forth about how to make a good arancini ball!

And the food was so good, well except for the mussels......

You will have to wait for the pictures. My computer went to Tim this morning because of something sent to me that originated from a Mac program. Yep. Give me a good ole PC any day!!! At least the virus programs know how to handle PC threats!

So if you want to communicate with me for the next couple of days, you will have to do it either on the phone or on the blog.

I will be at the Walgreens on Highland and Airline in Baton Rouge tomorrow from 10 am till about noonish with DiNozzo if anyone wants to see what pure badness looks like. And then I will be on the bluebonnet soccer fields with my vet cousin Karen and son Matt after about 3 or so.

Come see me at Walgreens and choose your new best friend from CAAWS.

Stay tuned for more info and activities for the weekend.


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  1. FYI, if malware comes from a Mac to a PC, the Mac had to have received it from a PC in the first place. It won't affect the Mac, but the Mac can pass it on unbeknownst to the Mac owner. I checked my Mac and it's clean. Hope your computer fix is easy.


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