Sunday, September 18, 2011

You Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone

I miss my computer sooooo much!!!!

Still gone so you still have to text me or call or communicate through my blog.

I have good pictures of the Walgreen's event but can't post them yet....yep...that old computer.

We have logged 87 plus miles so far in September on bike rides. I have those pictures as well, but there is that computer thing again.

And I have some pictures of the cooking class with the Dardenne Brothers and that Arancini ball. Blame the computer.

Charlene, how are the pups? Will you be in this Thursday? Or is it the next one? I have been working on my Twisted Halloween blocks from Ami Simms. I have 25 x blocks now.

A friend of mine had a stroke yesterday. It is scary because she is the one who exercises and reads all those heathy books. I wish her the best and a fat ( that should be fast not fat!) recovery.

More when on the flip side



  1. Sorry about the computer problems! Way to go on the bike riding- I need to get in the saddle again!

  2. Sorry to hear about your computer - not fun when they don't work. Hope your friend has a speedy recovery.

    I appreciate the offer for more novelty fabric, but with great prints you sent me plus what Janet from the Yukon and Karen from Conn. sent me I am good to go. Your prize of hand dyed fabric will be in the mail this week. Thanks again!


  3. Leeapaul is doing great although Pape let him out and he headed straight for a pit bull in heat. Thank goodness she is not a mean dog. She put him down and stopped when I touched her. Lorenzo is doing great and was in the fray too. We go on the 28th to have Leeapaul's leg. I have a top put together on the design wall but have to decide on sashing.


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