Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy busy busy

When you know you you have two days with nothing to do but sew, you are sooo happy. Ecstatic even. But ask me what I did , what I made and you will get an exasperated look. Huh? Did I even sew at all, you ask?

The answer is...... not even!

I spent yesterday at the vet with a dog and a cat, then an appointment for me. Then to the hospital to visit my friend Caroline. She is doing well,home now. And nearly went to the guild meeting with me tonight. She felt bad at the last minute and did not go with me.

Today was no different, doc appt, then lunch then a visit to the bike shop. That included each day doing 3.5 miles with DiNozzo and 4 something miles on the bike.

But nooooo sewing.

Guild meeting was held in the sanctuary rather than our regular meeting room, and it was a big change. Very different tonight. But we adjusted and had a wonderful meeting.

And no sewing.......maybe tomorrow.



  1. Glen, did you block me out. Can't post a comment.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. I know the feeling! See you soon.


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