Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Less

There is one less great dog in this world. Tycho or Brendamine's Interplanetary died last night. She was nearing her 11th burthday so she did make the proverbial double digits all Swissy owners hope for.

I knew her all her life, she was such a sweet girl. A bit shly when she first met you, but if you scratched her ears she became your great friend.

She was a comfort to her mom Valerie through some rough spots in her life. That was tycho's style-- low key, head on your leg and these soulful eyes.

I don't have my computer to post any pictures right now, I will have to catch you up on all those thngs later.

Go swiftly, sweet girl, go across that bridge and find Bonnie Doon for me. And carry my love to her.

Aunt Glenda


  1. Glen - please give my love to Valerie - she could use a little extra right now.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Thank you Glenda. This is a wonderful tribute. Tycho loved her "aunt", one of the few people who could get her to eat when she was stressed.


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