Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

We let Hurricane Irene visit the east coast quilting friends and now they have reciprocated by sending us Lee.  Lee is a rain event.  That means we will have rain.  Not just rain, but RAIN.  Lots of it.

Yesterday, most Louisianians wandered around Walmart picking up bottled water and cold cuts thinking, when will we get the rain?  I thought they said rain would start at 10 o'clock in the morning?  Where is that rain?

We all said it, multiple times to those we encountered in the stores, in gas lines and in our lunch meetings.  Where is the rain?

Well, folks, here it is!  My rain gauge says just over 5 inches so far and it is only 8:30 on Saturday.  Dutch decided he was not going out.......ever!

DiNozzo and Hugeaux (yes, I am grand-dog sitting since the kids are in Dallas for the big LSU game there.  Football......I think.)  went out repeatedly at the drop of a hat for any reason at all.  Oh, look, the WIND!
Oh, look, I think the CAT is out!  Oh, look, RAIN!  And DiNozzo seems to have found something taking shelter under the deck.  So he is now whining and complaining at the back door saying he had plans to excavate the area to rescue the whatever critter from sure drowning.  Yeah, right.

So there is a growing mound of towels at the back door.  I told Frank we needed to begin recycling the towels.

(I keep finding cute things to add.  These birds were eating on the bird feeder when a rain band hit unexpectedly.  They took refuge on the fence under the carport.) 

This is our neighborhood canal, well here in Baton Rouge they call them "creeks" but in New Orleans we called them canals.  Gave you the feeling you were in some romantic spot like Venice.  Italy, I mean, not Venice, Louisiana, which is totally unromantic because the whole town smells like fish and salt water and has those huge horseflies.  The water is pretty high in the canal/creek.  We have a lull in the rain bands at the moment but they are promising more rain shortly.  I wonder where the water will go?  Of course, just as I got out it started pouring again!

And they are predicting 20 inches of rain!  TWENTY if you didn't read that correctly the first time.  Those northern people are complaining about their rain, we have 20 inches coming and not but a 20 second blurb about it on TV.

glen:  I guess in Louisiana we are supposed to be wet and get hurricanes..........


  1. I do love your blog, since we lived in Baton Rouge for ten years. One day it was a torrential rain, and our 'indoor/outdoor' cats refused to go out in the rain - and we were out of kitty litter - a crisis! They sat by the box and cried until my DH went OUT IN THE RAIN to the store and bought litter... then they jumped right in! (never doubt who is in charge).. Stay inside and sew!! Love to the doggies. Kate the Quilting Professor

  2. Ha ha - love Kate's comment! Hope you and your doggies survive th rain and hope you survive Di Nozzo! Keep your fabric dry!

  3. Okay--had to see what average ANNUAL rainfall was where I live-- 23.72 inches. Holey moley--you're getting a whole year's worth!

  4. Mother Natures is adding insult to injury this year. Maybe we can all "wish" some of the rain go to Texas! Stay safe. Is there anything better than the smell of a wet dog(s)? :o)


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