Thursday, September 8, 2011


Spent a great day at Ann's yesterday putting together the LSU Tote Bags.  It was a true workday for us.  I had the fabrics and the fusible batting cut and ready to go when they arrived.  The girls worked hard  putting together their bags and with some help from me, they all got it to a stage where the finishing can be done next time we meet.I brought two sewing machines and helped everyone progress from setting out their squares and sewing them together to fusing the batting on the back of the bag pieces.

I don't really like LSU stuff but this bag is wonderful.  It is really big too! 

All my sewing stuff is still in the car.  I will have to show you my completed bag later.  I left Ann's and rushed to a meeting then on to the Londoner for CAAWS night and two meetings there.  The Parade Committee is gearing up for the CAAWS Mystic Krewe of Mutts parade in late January and the Santa CAAWS people are gearing up for their November 13, 2011 date with Santa. 

Some major decisions got made.  I am always impressed with the people who do these things for CAAWS.  They love what they do and it shows.  Jenny had to be out of town for work and she conference called in to be at the meeting!  Imagine that!

The theme for the parade this year is "The Good, The Bad and the Furry".  I love it.  I can see DiNozzo as Clint Dogwood!  LOL.  He needs guns and a cowboy hat!  Chloe the Smelly Basset can be the Saloon Girl!  Yep, that is what she would have been too!  It certainly wouldn't have been that nun in Two Mules for Sister Sarah!

Santa CAAWS will have a new backdrop again this year.  Santa will sit in front of a real fireplace and ask the good little doggies what they want for Christmas.  Gene will be Santa again I think.  When he is not, we get complaints that he is not the Santa.  He just is SANTA!

This is one of the best photos from any of the Christmas Photos.  This is my friend Dan who was Santa at Petsmart last year.  He did a fabulous job of holding dogs all day........and he doesn't even own a dog!

Today my other sewing group got canceled due to a family death causing one to be out of town.  I was sorry to hear of the passing, but know that the relief is welcome when our family members are in pain. 

I have made some major changes in my life, for the better I believe.  Some I have implemented and some I am practicing.  I think that every once in a while we need to take stock in our lives, sift the chaff from the wheat and move on.  I am sifting.

glen:  moving on to Parades, Santa and Sewing.......not a bad combination of things .......  oh, yeah, and cleaning up my sewing room........No....I have not done it yet.........yes it needs to be done........I am in here today........I know, get 'er done!.............Alright, I am going.........

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  1. Great minds think alike. I am changing my sewing studio too. Missed our visit.


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