Sunday, October 9, 2011

Design Wall 10-10-11

I actually put 9-10-11 in the date space!  Where did September go?  I am certainly not ready to be in October yet.  Scroll down to see some quilts from the Ponchatoula Quilt show.

What I am working on is a melange of items including the Ami Simms Twisted Sisters Halloween quilt.   Now I have 42 of the 50 blocks done.  I have decided to create two quilts with 20 blocks and black sashing with orange and green cornerstones.  That leaves me 10 blocks with which to make some table runners.  A three, a four and another three block runner. 

And I am working on getting the Sawtooth Cats set up for my class on Friday. 

And I have cut out the BQ quilt.  I inadvertently switched the background and the dark line fabric and cut up my background fabric in the wrong measurements.  I happily cut the entire piece wrong.  So I had to reorder the fabric and it has not come in yet.  So that is on hold until it comes in.
I think I will demonstrate the BQ method of using large scale prints in a fabulous quilt setting to the Old Lady Group.  It will be well received there as a nice quick pattern with flair!  And I get to spend the day with Charlene!  Yeah..

 I did a test dyeing using the parfait method on what used to be some nice white fabrics.  Leaves much to be desired.  That red must be powerful stuff!  I used the three true primary colors and look what I got.  I know what I will change and do differently next time.  The jar I bought is perfect though so there is a reason to improve!

And there is the ever present pile of stuff in my quilt room that STILL needs to be organized.  I tried and tried and tried to convince Frank to just move so I could just be forced to reorganize it in another space, but he is unwilling to do that for me.

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  1. Yes we get to spend the whole day together. I am so looking forward to it. Don't know if I like that name though!


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