Saturday, October 22, 2011

Frank has his flaws

Today is unusually busy for some reason.  And I know I won't get to the sewing machine at all unless I trip over it. 

And that title is interesting, I know you are reading this through.  And yes, Frank has his flaws.  He is controlling, impulsive, obsessive/compulsive, unyielding in his stubbornness and always right.  So I decided I needed to put those things to good use.

And I happen to know he never reads my blog.

We all know that Frank wants to be in total control.  Over the years you have heard my many stories of him trying to gain control and me fighting for my rights.  When it comes to decisions, I have yet to have one that he has not changed.  So I thought to give him control of the piles of stuff in my sewing room. 

He has to wade through my stuff to get to the ironing board every morning to iron his shirt for the day.  Yes, he does iron his own shirt and vacuums the carpets (several times) every day.  So I let him know over the last few days that I wanted my stuff in these uncontrolled piles.  And I began to move them out into the path to the ironing board.
At first he would walk around the stuff in his path, barely noticing it like batting at a nuisance bug.  The next step was to make the stuff higher.  So now he had to move his hip over when he tried to pass by.  Now the bug became a fly.

After a while I moved two piles into the pathway.  A horsefly!  And then I closed the pathway off totally. 

Now he had to actually move stuff to get to the ironing board.  A buzzing, stinging bee!  And he grabbed the bait!

He told me I needed to clean my stuff up, notice how he uses the word "clean" rather than "organize" indicating my stuff is DIRTY?  I'll admit there are some dust bunnies in there, and a nice layer of dust and fabric lint on the surface of things, and the blinds are practically glued shut with the thick layer of dust........OK.....dirty. 

So I tell him in order for me to "clean" that stuff up, I need to get the rest of the stuff "organized". 

Now he is thinking.  That is what he does well, he thinks about solutions for things that I am doing wrong.  I am waiting for him now to come up with a complete organizational system for my room. 
I need a sense of timing about this.  If I tossed Carrie into the mix too early, half of the stuff would be tossed out and I don't want that.  I need to lure her in at just the right time.  So that is my challenge. 

I'll admit, Frank does have his flaws, as does Carrie.  But if I work it right, I can make them work for me to my best advantage. 


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