Monday, October 24, 2011

The Law of the Tomatoes

I was checking out some other blogs yesterday and I came across Michelle, A Distracted Quilter at

What she talked about was very interesting and I thought I would open it up for discussion among us. 

- she said:  I can't help thinking about the Law of the Tomatoes. My Dad is a good gardener and enjoys tomato sandwiches, but there always comes a point in the summer where the tomato production outpaces his capacity to eat them. He feels obligated to eat tomatoes just past their prime, rather than those of perfect ripeness. (He grew up during the depression and can't bear to throw out edible food.) This results in him eating over-ripe tomatoes in an endless futile attempt to catch up. He'd never get to eat another good tomato if my mother didn't step in and claim all the past-prime tomatoes for a soup or sauce she makes only to get him out of his predicament.

(The same could be said about strawberries if Chloe the Smelly Basset didn't eat them off the vine every day.  Maybe Michelle's dad needs Chloe.  )

She continues:  Sometimes I feel like I'm working with fabrics I don't like anymore just to use them up. At this rate, I'll never get to use the good stuff.

This spoke to me!  I have so many "old" fabrics that are not in fashion or my tastes have moved away from.  And I am rigidly stifled because I have this "obligation" to use them up before I get into the new stuff.  I know, give it away, but I really can't give all my fabric away that I paid money for.
I would prefer to use it up.  One thing that is stiffling me seriously is the condition of my quilt room.  It really needs to be cleaned up.

I think I need to hire Kim and Carrie to come clean things up for me!

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  1. I'm honoured to find my little story provided you with inspiration. You've made my day! Some day I'll post something about "the law of the bananas" (it has nothing to do with eating them). My folks are an endless source of homespun wisdom and amusing observations.


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