Thursday, October 13, 2011

If it ain't Italian, it ain't Chef Enzo!

And this was definitely not Italian.  This was Chef Wanda Calkins brining a Thanksgiving turkey and the associated dressings that go along with a South Louisiana Holiday Meal.  There she is hiding behind all that steam from the pre-brining pot.
The rice dressing was superb and yet oh so easy to do.  I could just make a meal of this rice dressing alone.  Now that I have the super fast rice cooker from Ann's Pampered Chef party this will be on my menu often.

Not to be outdone was the cornbread dressing.  I like Wanda's way of cooking and teaching.  She drops a lot of tidbits that help with cooking and cleaning and thinking about a meal.  Like she cooked the cornbread in a sheet pan.  How is that for crispy corn pone?

But the coup de grace was the turkey.  The magnificent perfection of that bird as it emerged from the oven was enough to make me overwhelmed with passion.  Brining is something I have wanted to try for a long time.  The  brine solution permeates the meat of the turkey so that each moist bite is infused with deep flavor.

Are you hungry yet? 

cooling the brine

I love her classes because she has such a great sense of humor.  Sh knows all her people and we shoot good natured ribs back and forth.  She was ready to put Ann and I on the ship herself at one point!  Like when she chopped her finger up with the herb shears.  Got to admit they were sharp little booger! 

She might be missing a finger, but you cannot fault her cooking!

Have some pictures for you, don't cha know.  Check them out. 

Wanda expertly cut that turkey up and we ate so much.  The meat was so juicy, I will do this technique again and again. 

                                           Here she is, talking about something good. 

brining solution herbs
The turkey she cooked for us was brined the night before.  She demonstrated the technique then cooked the second turkey without being brined.

Finally!  Food!



The store in the background is a fun place to check out all the newest gadgets and cookware.  And the prices are not half bad either!  I am checking out the dressings and Ann is off shopping for something.  We have our priorities straight!

glen:  gotta go, I am starving again.

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  1. First time I cooked a turkey was a few years ago and I brined it like the southern living cookbook said to do and butterflied it and roasted it at high temp. My mother and mother-in-law just gave me looks like "what is she doing? that is not how you cook a turkey." But I it was great and moist. I will never go back to dry turkey again.


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