Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lighting in kitchens

Oh, so THIS is why Frank is so stressed all the time!  This came from the Prevention website, and I thought I would pass along this public service to you if you wanted to reduce stress and are in the kitchen a lot.

Never would have thought it!  I have undercabinet lighting installed in the last re-do because I was always working in my shadow.  This is really so much nicer.  And there are two drop lights over the bar cabinet where we took down the overhead cabinets to open the room up. 

I love my kitchen!

High-wattage lighting can raise stress levels, stimulating your appetite and causing you to eat faster than usual, according to research reviews. On the flip side, too dim is no better--studies show low lighting lessens inhibitions.


Many modern kitchens have layers of light sources, from under-the- cabinet halogens to recessed lights around the perimeter and a decorative fixture over the table, says Joseph Rey-Barreau, a lighting designer in Lexington, KY. When you're cooking, flip on as many lights as you'd like, but when it's time to eat, use no more than 240 total watts. That's the equivalent of four 60-watt bulbs in a four-light over-the-table fixture, for example, or six 40-watt bulbs in six high hats; with compact fluorescent bulbs, use 75 to 100 total watts.

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