Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm a Horney Ninja........really?

Do you want to know what I am doing at night when I don't sleep? I was watching one of my hundred or so CSI show that are on various station between 10 pm and 3 am and I saw this really catchy commercial.

While I lay on the sofa (wrapped in DiNozzo) I sometimes play majong or swapping those candy pieces for points. so when I saw that commercial I was hot to find out if they actually say what I thought I heard. I have to tell you, I was quite impressed that Honda nonchalantly put that word out there. Quite impressed indeed.

Come on,that is what YOU think they say, don't cha!!! And that oriental girl tooling around in the sexy sports car is really pretty cute. Her pig tails are shiny and bouncy, along with the rest of her. Shiny and bouncy. Or just bouncy. I'll bet she can be a little you-know-what off camera. Bouncy. Bouncy cute girl jumps from a building, twirls seductably and lands catlike on her cute behind right in the seat of her Sexy Civic. That is the point of the commercial, that sexy car.

But I digress... The lyrics, oh yeah...I'm a horny ninja. What can that be? Test the possible words. Homey ninja? Holy ninja? Holey ninja? Boney ninja? Have you thought of more possibilities? When I looked it up, I had to laugh. I would NEVER in a million years have figured out what it actually says. I'm a hoodie ninja. yep, like those sweatshirts, hoodies.

Bet you 'll be singing that song all day long!

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  1. Hmm after planting that song in my brain I am beginning to think you and Di Nozzo are made for each other! I'm a ninja, I'm a hoodie Ninja,I'm a ninja, I'm a hoodie Ninja,I'm a ninja, I'm a hoodie Ninja,I'm a ninja, I'm a hoodie Ninja.........


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