Sunday, November 27, 2011

Design Wall Monday 11-28-11

I told you I would have something for the design wall this week and I do!

Yeah!  Feels good to get back to sewing stuff again.  I was beginning to lust after my sewing machine and that messy room.  I did spend a couple of hours in here cleaning up some stuff, but you would never know it.  I don't think anything LOOKS different, it is just a bit cleared and organized.  Notice I said "a bit", that is all a tiny tiny tiny bit.

I can't show you the entire thing because this is a December Challenge from the Modern Group.  So here are some peeks. 

We are exchanging our Product Output and everyone is offering "peeks" so here is mine.  The Challenge is to create something 50 or less inches in total perimeter that has triangle trees and represents Christmas where we are.  I am in South Louisiana and I used to think those Christmas cards with all the snow and the trees, and the horse drawn sleighs were all make believe fakes.  Our Christmases are very, very green around here!  (You would think I could match the seams on the flying geese after all these years of quilting, wouldn't cha?  I guess not.)

And I cooked some Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Carcass, Sausage and Okra Gumbo on this cold, humid, rainy day.  Here are my helpers.  This is Chloe the Smelly Basset, not sure where DiNozzo is located.  Probably out hunting squirrel for the next gumbo. No matter how many beds I have in the den scattered around they all want to be by me in the kitchen, in the middle of things and on something soft.  The other two guys sit on my stove and just watch. 

I made stock from the turkey carcasses and used my fancy new half pot holders from Hawaii from Amber.  They were there for Dan's daughter's wedding while we were in Europe.  I brought Amber some Olive Oil Soap with Basil and Rosemary from Greece. 

glen:  and I still got dumped..................


  1. You are making me hungry and I am one cajun who doesn't eat gumbo. Those peeks make you want more.

  2. Fun Christmas colors. Florida winter doesn't look anything like the picture post cards either.


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