Saturday, November 26, 2011

Going to See Santa

Bassets in the car
We got up early this morning and drove to New Roads to visit with Santa.  The WE meaning of course Frank, me and the bassets.  Dutch was not up to making the trip once again.  And the Bassets were in serious need of seeing Santa since their last pictures really didn't come out that well.  How can two such cute doggies take such horrible pictures?  It was Chloe's ears.  I asked her, how did you even to that to your ears?  You look so silly.

And pictures we did get.  Some fabulous ones.  I need to ask Carol to send me a couple of the shots she had because they were really good.  The one I chose for the card was DiNozzo kissing Santa.  Oh, it was so cute.  This event benefited the Shelter at Point Coupee.  And we wanted Santa Gene, so we both won.

And I couldn't resist the one with Chloe kissing Santa and DiNozzo looking on.  Adorable.  Another win for both of us.

Disembodied Head

But on the way back, the excitement was too much for him and he tossed his cookies in the car.  He never really looked like he enjoyed riding.  But he has never thrown up before.  And he hid it perfectly.  Not one sound, it must have just happened.  And he missed the seat and the door and threw up his entire breakfast on the floor under the back seat.  I am still not sure how he did that. 

Doesn't he look quite ill here?

It poured down rain all the way to New Roads.  We crossed the Huey P Long Bridge over the Mississippi River.  Then we followed the edge of False River for about 14 miles until we came to the quaint little town of New Roads.  False River is a loop of the Mississippi River that got cut off from the river when it went straight. 

There is a lake out there
 Whereupon I could not find the Santa Location anywhere in the pouring rain.

Finally we found a nice man in a jewelry shop who closed the shop to help us find where they were shooting.  That is a small town for you.

We did find Santa Gene and Mrs. Claus Carol and got our great shots.

I can't wait to see them, those Bassets are so cute.  I did miss bringing Dutch with me.  He never really liked all that, but he put up with it because he is such a good dog.  Can't say that about the Bassets!


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