Monday, December 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday 12-5-11

Finally, finishing a UFO and actually getting to work on something.  In the essence of time, I just used my domestic and did meanders for the quilting.

This will go to the Christmas Party at the nursing home my mother stays in called Nottingham Regional Rehab Center.  They will use it as an employee gift.  I have a couple more I would like to finish and get out as well, so they may get about 3 or 4 of them if I have time. 

I used the leftovers to make the back of the quilt.  And it still needs to have the binding sewn on and down.  And I guess a label should go on there as well.  The backing gave me fits. See the light fabric in the middle?  It did a fine job of bunching up while I was quilting from the tops side and I had to take the entire section out and redo it.  Pain in the patooty! 

Anyway, it is one of my favorite guys.  I love the fabrics, they were ones I bought on sale about 5 years ago and hoarded them until last year.  Then I hoarded the top because I loved the fabrics still!

I am always afraid that when I cut up the fabrics I won't like them as much anymore.  So I often hate to cut up my you do that?



  1. Some fabrics are just made to hoard. Those are so hard to cut into pieces. I know b/c I have a cabinet full. But sometimes we have to put our 'big girl panties' on and do what we have to do. LOL

  2. My problem is that I give most of my quilts away and that means I have to say good-bye to my lovely fabrics. My stash is very limited, so this is hard. I try and fix it by finding even more wonderful shirts to deconstruct at my local thrift shop. Right now, I have some red plaid that I love that I am making stretch to as many projects as possible. Maybe I will even keep one.
    Wonderful quilt, by the way.

  3. Love the quilt, front and back. It certainly doesn't look like that cute little light piece gave you any trouble at all :) I know what you mean about those favorite fabrics. Even after their gone, you think about them fondly, it's crazy!! But fun :)

  4. I really like your border technique. Yes, I also hoard favorite fabrics. I hope my hubby never takes a notion to open my sewing room closet!


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