Thursday, December 15, 2011

Geaux Promotions - Top Dogs in What They Do

If you need some promotional item for your business or organization, these are the guys you need to go to.  They go above and beyond the call of duty.  And they are just downright nice guys.  And they are local.  And they care.  And they love animals! 

Geaux Promotions
Chris or Alex
Baton Rouge - (225)924-3289 (92-GEAUX)

New Orleans - (504)208-5100

Isn't that Baton Rouge phone number great?

I picked up the Volunteer Awards for CAAWS today and they not only had upgraded the glasses, but they matched CAAWS with a customer who graciously donated the money for the entire order.

Talk about incredible. 
Thanks Geaux Guys
and Magnolia Title

So give these guys a call.  They are worth it!  Thanks guys, from the bottom of our furry little paws!

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