Friday, December 16, 2011

Me and Santa and Amber went to the Nusring Home today

And spread some cheer! 

Unfortunately it did not cheer me up.  While I was there the nutritionist told me the megase my mother is taking to increase her appetite is not working and she continues to lose weight.  They can only administer it for another week then the only other option is a feeding tube.  I have already vetoed that.  My mother was very upset about Stan's kids putting one in him.  I know she would not want it for herself. 

Then Just as I arrived at the nursing home, i get a call from the vet saying that Dutch's ashes were in and I could pick him up.

You can see why I don't need any more crap in my life right now.  Charlene stopped by this morning with some of her wonderful hugs.  She was on her way from one daughter's place to another's. I am sending good healthy wishes to her sick daughter.  She couldn't let me be the only one at the hospital this week!  LOL  Not a way to have a competition, dearie!

Like I said, this year has not been a particularly good one, but it is nearly over.  Paula and I plan to stay drunk until it is over!  LOL.

The CAAWS Volunteer Appreciation Party was nice.  Gave out a lot of awards.  Had fun.  Ate good food.  Here we are enjoying not having anyone immediately sick or dying or mean.

glen:  laying in a supply of heavy alcohol for the next two weeks!


  1. I enjoyed our visit. Remember to find the good and smile but a healthy glass of wine doesn't hurt either. Circle!


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