Sunday, December 18, 2011

Now I really feel old

One of our dearest friends passed away several years ago.  Janice was an incredible personality.  If she was in a room it was filled with not only her but pure love as well.  She was generous with her self beyond a fault.  She loved deeply and lived every second with gusto and bravado.  When the illness took her, the world lost a truly good soul.

she'll probably kill me
for posting this one! 
But I do love it

I had the privilege of being friends with her and Howard and their three girls since the late 70's.  And through those years I watched the girls grow up and become beautiful women and incredible mothers. 

One daughter, Tammy, send me this.  It was an incredible Christmas present and makes me miss her momma so much when I hear it.  For no other reason than that Janice would be so proud of her granddaughter.

Tammy's daughter, Vivian, has an incredible voice.  I never realized how good she is.  This is her audition tape to the major music schools in the country.  Keep in mind, she is just entering college next year so that makes her about 17 or 18 years old. Enjoy what will certainly be the beginning of an incredible career.!138&parid=AAD3F09BC191996D!136&authkey=!AFe94yOXwwVlb3Q


  1. Thank you for sharing this. She has a very lovely voice. I hope she gets into the school she wants.

  2. wow! I wasn't expecting opera. Wonderful voice, hope she got into the school of her choice. Thanks for sharing.


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