Saturday, January 21, 2012

And what is today childern????

Today is Farmer's Market Day!  Yeah! I spent about $26 today for everything.

Today's haul is totally beautiful.  I am getting very creative in setting these cute little veggies up for their glamor shot picture.  So bright and colorful.  Don't they make your mouth just start watering?

So, here is how big the Meyer Lemons are!  That is a cabbage there.....not really it is a Brussels sprout, but still look how big the lemon is.   My father used to call the brussells sprouts Cabbages Who Forgot To Grow Up.  They do look like little cabbages!

And the cauliflower and broccoli was beautiful but not as big as it was a couple of weeks ago.  This is about half of them cooked down for freezing.  I got some green onions again and cut them up, also for freezing.  I can cook with the green onions but not the regular onions.  They do add some flavorings.  Leeks too, but I didn't see any this week.

And the cabbages were huge.  I made two pots of cooked cabbage with some ham seasoning.  This is just 3/4 of a head in this dutch oven.

I try to use everything.  I took the water I cooked all the veggies in and tossed in some green onions, a cut up portabello mushroom, some spinach leaves, some garlic and some Asian seasonings from my birthday haul.  And I have a really nice VietNamese Soup.  I also added 7 ounces of sauteed ground meat and that will be my dinner one night this week.

We got the smoker out because I scored some Buy 1 Get 2 Free at Albertson's yesterday.  I cooked two pork loins, a pork roast, 12 chicken breasts and 16 pork chops.  Yum.  The aroma drove everyone crazy!  The day before I cooked a whole chicken in the crock pot I got at the same sale for $.59 a pound.  Like $2.50 for the whole chicken for 3 dinners!  All for about $25!

Frank just brought me a piece of the smoked port roast, to die for!  I wish you were here for dinner tonight!



  1. Ooh, I am so jealous that you get to even go to a Farmer's Market at this time of year! Everything looks wonderful -- and now I'm hungry again!


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