Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Challenge

I was the creator of the January Challenge in the Modern 8 Group.  And I really need to get started.  The challenge was to create a piece for yourself, to hang in your sewing area/room, that will inspire you for the entire year.  It needed to be a word.  And I had Tonya's book Word Play in my hands when i dreamed this up in December.  Now I can't find the darned book anywhere!

Couldn't find an albondigas picture
but isn't this better?

So I am going to have to wing it on my word part.

First I needed to decide on my word.  I collected a list of words I liked and let them stew around a bit while I looked for that book.  My words included:

albondigas (my favorite word of all times, it means meatballs in Spanish)  Say it, you will love it too!  (all the a's are short a's)
al-BON-di-gas!  Don't you love it!

calm - which I really need this year
laugh - which is what you do when bassets are nearby
circle - which is what my dear friends do when things are not good, and they get you through
done - which is what I need to do to all this fabric and stuff in my room
clean - I quickly tossed this one out!
save - which is good for money but not for my sewing room
create - to kitchey for me
imagine and dream - same as create
think - which is what I need to do more often

I decided to percolate and see if anything else hit me.

I have a great t-shirt from my dog showing days that simply says Winner's Bitch.  Which is the class dog that is better than any other class girl in the ring and she goes into the Specials Ring to compete against all the Champions.  Now that is a great word!  AND could easily describe me.

So let me go dig and find some fabrics, and decide on my word.

glen:  Winner's Bitch is becoming more and more appealing!


  1. I like CIRCLE but I also like Finish and Plan and mine which is Replace.

  2. I like CIRCLE but I also like Finish and Plan and mine which is Replace.

  3. I can't wait to see the Winner's Bitch quilt!


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