Friday, January 13, 2012

Auditioning Tiny Tiny Houses Sashing


Tell me which you like or what you would like to see as a sashing unit.  All options would have cornerstones that would be a different color from the sashing itself.  Like the black with red cornerstones.


Black dots

black with red cornerstones

Light blue

Dark Blue



  1. I like the black with red cornerstones, the plain black, and the maroon with black cornerstones. Not much help am I?

  2. I vote for the black dots! Very Freddy Moran!

  3. I wouldn't have thunk it, but I like the dark blue best.

  4. I like the dark blue too perhaps with different coloured cornerstones.

  5. I guess it depends on what look you are going for - I like the black with red cornerstones. The dots are great too - more Freddy Moran as someone said. The dark blue is good too - makes if a little less striking, softer looking maybe, sleep on it a while I guess... Good luck. The only one I don't like is the pale blue and I think you are on a winner with any of the others

  6. Yay glen I can see your comments again, thanks for the tip. I still can't see them on 15 Minutes, I will ask V if she can adjust settings? Anyway - I vote for dark blue with multicolor cornerstones. :)


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