Sunday, February 5, 2012

Biking with Mike

We did 8.5 miles with Mike Stevens and that gang.  It was chilly but we kept our temps up with the pedaling!  Mike was challenged by several of his friends when he said the traffic is so bad he could ride his bike faster to work than his car.  So today was the end all to the challenge.  In fact, some rather large bets were placed against him!  All proceeds are going to the scholarship fund for the daughter of the bike rider who was killed by a drunk driver three weeks ago.  Nate was just 30 and a delightful guy.  What a shame.

The bet was that Mike could/or couldn't (depending on your wager) get from his house to his work in under 1/2 hour.  And his time was actually 22.6 minutes!

Ann set up a "water" station on the route with signs encouraging Mike and offering water and Gatorade to the riders.  Mike had to cross two major intersections, a route we normally do not travel.

At the finish line, Dona had a trophy for him, balloons, people cheered and hollared.  Mike came riding in like he rode every weekend!  Once at Oak Lodge, his destination, the bar opened and beer and bloody Mary's were served to the participants.  Dona laid out coffee, a king cake, muffins, fruit and banana bread.  You know you have to reload those carbs!

I will have you know.....I did not have one bite of anything!


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  1. You are just full of will power or is it BS. Circle!


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