Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb Photo of the Day is "Green" From the Farmer's Market

Oh, man!  I got that covered.  With the most amazing green.  We went to the Farmer's Market and scored some of the hugest cabbages I have ever seen.

Here is the Photo A Day "green".  I bought two of the huge cabbages, two of the Russian Kale and one alfalfa sprout box.  That was a total of, ummmm, $11.  Not bad since I can cook those cabbages down into many many many many one cup servings.  And the kale will go into the Albondigas Soup I am planning on tonight.  And salads, too.
To put into some sort of perspective about the size of these cabbages, here is one stacked up against a large Milkbone.  When I looked around the kitchen to see something that would be uniform in size everywhere, I hit upon the Milkbone first off!  You can tell where my head always is!

 Here is the total haul.  And I know you are thinking that those are oranges.  But they are not.  They are Meyer Lemons.  Unbelievable lemons.  All of those were $5.  How can the citrus guys many any money on that?  Every two weeks I go and purchase a $5 bag of these lemons and then I go to Walmart even and see where the lemons are 54 cents each!  And tiny tiny tiny.

 Stuck in there amongst the lemons are some turnips I scored for $2.  They are good sized ones at that.  Some farmers had the tiny ones but I like these guys.  When I roast they they won't shrivel up and disappear.

To complete the purchases I got some vine ripened creoles.  Tomatoes at their best.  They had the large creoles that you cut a slice from the center and slap on a mayonnaise sandwich and go to town eating.  But these are the small ones.  I can't have too many this week, but Frank has decided he would eat the rest for me.  They were the most expensive thing at $3 for the 5 of them.   And they look so tiny beside the huge lemons.  (I swear they are lemons)

I need a nice recipe for lemon marmalade or lemon preserves.

glen:  so that makes my total, um........$21......not too shabby for freshly picked yesterday!

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  1. How incredibly wonderful to have all this fresh picked local produce this time of year. Love those lemons! I saw some Meyer lemons at our local produce place, and they were the size of large olives.


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