Sunday, February 12, 2012

Late with the Stash Report for 2-12-12

Late late late!  But maybe Charlene is right, I am avoiding!

Bad Bad Bad.  That is all I can say.  I bought, bought and bought some more!  I could not resist the sale at Connecting threads.  It was just too cheap.  Then Thous of Bolts sent me their sales, and the rest is history as it arrived at my doorstep this week.  And the Dog Sled quilt fabric arrived a day later.  Who  could imagine such fabric in one week!

I bought two sets of fat quarters called Parlor Pets because Stephanie at Loft Creations made me do it.   They had such a cute bag made with it I also bought the kit.  And then I bought some yardage of dots for some backgrounds for the blocks I have sitting in a UFO pile, and some other yardage that was on deep deep discount.  I can't even find it right now, i have hidden it so well.  Guilt.  That is all it is, guilt over buying fabric I really don't know what I will use it for.  No wait, not guilt, pure giddy GLEE!

Anyway, here is my bad bad bad report.

Used this week:  5 yards
Bought this week - 13.5 yards
Used in Feb - 5.25
Bought in Feb - 13.5
Used YTD - -34.5
Bought YTD - 16.5

Total stash reduction still in the negative at -18 yards.  So that is not too shabby so far.  I have several things in the works that involve quilt backs so I should be able to improve that yardage.  Oh, and I just realized I forgot to add in the dog sled quilt kit that came in the mail so I will add that next week when I have time to figure out how much is in the bag.  I have not had a chance to take it out and play with it yet!


Used this February  -

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  1. I can't wait til I can come to BR and play. Sometimes fabric speaks and we have to obey!


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