Sunday, February 12, 2012

Design Wall 2-13-10

Quick design wall post.

Current project is the Stained Glass quilt from Sarah.  The blocks are completed now, but I still need to frame them all in black and put them together.  So far it is impressive.  I need a nice batik with all those colors in it preferably from my stash, as my stash report yesterday suffered from sales I could not resist!

Then I am still working on that Wonky Log Cabin from the Plaid Shirts with the cheddar sashing.  I need to cut out the cheddar sashing this week and use that in my report.  Isn't that shadow just the bomb?  Working that out will be the big deal this week.

And I am still having to do the backing and the quilting of Dan and Amber's two quilts.  I need to clear out the quilting machine and get that tension working and get working on those.  They WERE Christmas 2011 presents that don't need to hang until the Christmas 2012 comes around!

And I need to work on the UFO from Judy's Challenge The Sri Lanka Elephants that I am totally avoiding.  Ok, Charlene?  I am avoiding it.  The dreaded elephants...........yes.........aughhhh! she screams!

glen:  yes, the dreaded elephants........


  1. Don't worry, BE HAPPY! It is ok to avoid them...I am still avoiding Soccer Beauty after 2 years. Those elephants will have their time.

  2. I love the stained glass. I pulled my fabrics for that last night, but I don't have enough black right now. I will be working on this slowly until I get more.

  3. I am really drawn to the stained glass quilt, love your fabrics in that one. Ok did I miss the elephant joke from a previous post??? Now I gotta go look for it :)

    ps I have a few languishing cross stitch projects that I am too blind to even finish so they wont get finished. I have learned to be ok with that.

  4. The stained glass blocks are fantastic--love the color combo. Hope you get up your courage to face the tension problems and get those tardy quilts off your mind. The elephant in the room, eh?


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