Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Big Day - party preparations

Ok.  I have been at Carrie's since early morning and I DID NOT leave it a mess.  I wanted you to know that.

I made the dip, cleaned the mixer up and everything.  Wiped down the counter top even.   I brought all the food I cooked from Amber's house to Carrie's.

And I went to the store and got myself come cough syrup and cough drops.

At Carrie's we blew up a thousand balloons, and I found out that she has gone on stage with the hypnotist guy.  OMG!  MY Daughter????  She said she was one who didn't get hypnotized and he took her off before all the humping started.......she did express gratitude that she was not part of that.  At least she has some moral fortitude, however little!

When I went to make the corn muffins, I found they had no milk at the house and no plans to get any.  But she COULD go out later and get some if I HAD to have to muffins.

So I brought the muffins to Amber along with eggs and she will make the muffins, and bring the veggies and get the cake.  I owe her a party, I told her!

I even had lunch with Frank at The Chimes.  Salad and steamed veggies with soy nuts.  I will splurge tonight. That dip is incredible.  I will have to offer you the recipe although you can't get the ingredient that makes it so good anywhere but South Louisiana.  Creole Cream Cheese.  From my childhood I have loved it in the morning with salt and pepper on it with my Ganny and Papa.  Sometimes I would get some oatmeal and sugar with Papa or sometimes they would make Lost Bread.  Lost Bread is New Orleans French Toast with cinnamon sugar on it rather than that powdered sugar mess.  And always that thick dark coffee dripped in the little enamel coffee pot now sitting in my kitchen.  Lots of sugar and some evaporated milk made it wonderful.......but I digress.

Carrie's house looks good.  She is an avid decorator!  So that is what she wanted to contribute.  Everything else paled in comparison to that.

BUT~~~~~~~~Some guy did attempt to pick me up last night at the coffee shop.  That was good, because the other two I was with didn't get noticed!



  1. What an ego booster - being chatted up in a coffee shop. Hope you have a wonderful party.

    1. Yes, especially when your husband is 50 feet away getting coffee and the other two women at the table were not the object of the question......and it was obvious! LOL They say the best revenge is success! You bet!


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