Saturday, March 31, 2012

Party - Party- Party -- Party!

So we had a good time.  He was surprised.  He said he thought something was up, I was dressed up ( a definite rarity) and some conversations he overheard were weird, but he had no idea it would be anything like this!

We had Greg, Dee was up in Oregon picking up her new puppy!  Michael and Renee, Bobby and Fayne - Andrew's parents.  Fayne is an incredible cook, and she kept saying how good my Crawfish Etouffee was!  Cha-ching!

Amber and Dan - Could not have done this without them.  They did so much for me in the last two days.  She made corn muffins, listened to my complaining, cut up my veggies, picked up the cake, stored all my food.  I am eternally grateful.

Paula and Glen but they got lost and headed home, then I convinced them to come back.........

Ann and Press who were between LSU Ball Games!  Way across town, they came back and forth cross town several times just to be here.

And we did have Holly, the photographer girl, and the cake was incredible with the picture from the Canadian Rockies on it, it tasted wonderful.

What did I eat.......I will pay for this I know........dip and veggie chips and some crackers, two *small*  pieces of that incredible cake with the picture on it and chocolate filling, mirliton casserole AND crawfish etouffe, a half glass of REAL Dr. Pepper and somewhere is my Cheetos I never found.

Pictures?  I did not snap a one with my own camera.  I will have to show them to you later from Holly.  I am paying enough for her work.........just saying........

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