Sunday, March 11, 2012

stash report 3-11-12

I can't promise anything, the New Long Awaited and Totally Wonderful Answer To All Our Prayers Jo-Ann's opened on Saturday here.  I have a trip planned on Tuesday.  I am sure the figures will change.

Got a new CAAWS Basset Baby adopted yesterday.  I pulled some strings and got him into a really nice home where the people will love him and he will be a totally rotten boy.  And he lives around the corner so we can see him a lot!

I remade my swastikas yesterday at the Sew In and scored two patterns at a book sale.  I am still  member of Sassi Strippers in spite of what happened with the quilt show.  I was President of the guild for three years and one of the charter members so many years ago.  A few people have contacted me about getting involved again, but I am not sure.  They need help but I am certainly not willing to "share" custody.  I bear grudges.

My stash report reflects a slow week.  Mostly my leg has been hurting.  And Frank's gout is attacking.  So we sit on the sofa, him with a hot pad and me with a cold pack flipping a coin to see who gets up to let the dog/cat in/out or gets the next refill of Crystal Light.  I sewed the  Bargello last night while he was at the Tiger Baseball Game.  Got all six strips sewn together and will begin "bargello-ing" today.

used this week -0.33
Used in March  -0.33
added this week 0
Add in March 2
Used YTD -53
Added YTD 19.5
Stash reduction -33.5

Still using.  Sounds like an addiction, doesn't it?


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  1. What a cute dog! You are way ahead of me. Nice numbers.


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