Friday, March 9, 2012


I went th physical therapy yesterday and I couldn't have felt worse had I been hit by a twenty ton truck. Whoa, man, knocked me over, big time. But today I am feeling somewhat better. So I decided to sew on my round robin. this one is in a style I am not used to working in, it has been interesting finding fabrics and a block to use. The center block is wonderfully beautiful and the first round goes with it perfectly. My own block is out there somewhere, getting its second round. Sleeping in someone's nice cozy quilting room for the next month. Happy, happy, happy! And, as usual, I can't show you a single thing!!! :-( glen: :-)


  1. Then I guess Lorenzo and I will have to make a trip.

  2. Sure you can. Just send me a pic! ;)


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