Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stash report 4-15-12

Whew!  Nearly forgot to set this up today.  I may combine the stash report with Design Wall Monday for this week since it will be hectic for me.

This week I worked on the Paint Chip Challenge Quilt and it is coming along beautifully.  I had to purchase one of the three colors.  I received this color from Trudy in England in a Swap and it was gorgeous and luscious and mouthwateringly beautiful.  I had to have the exact piece.  And would you believe I found it!  Amazing.  And while I was looking for that one piece, I found the most incredibly and absolutely perfect backing piece so I added that to the mix.  Of course neither was on sale!

And the damage is as follows:

used this week -7.830
used in April -15.33
added this week 7.5
Add in April 11.5
Used YTD -73.33
Added YTD 40.5
Stash reduction -32.83

Not a bad week for buying nearly 8 yards of fabrics!  And I will have more to report when I add borders and backing to finish the quilt up!

I will tease you with a shot on Design Wall Monday of this incredible block.  I just know I will win this challenge, I can feel it in my bones!  But I am so afraid I won't be around for the challenge.  So I am going to have to rely on my friends to stand up for me when I win.  Do y'all hear that?  Cheer loudly when they announce my name as winner!


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  1. Wish I could do just that! Stelly says it is time for us to see each other. He wants to see your progress. We will be in BR Thursday for Krewe of Quilters meeting.


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