Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bike Riding Blues

Today was not just a great was an AWESOME day to be on bikes and with friends!

Searching for something?
I am going to break this up into several posts because the pictures are so fabulously full of color and fun.

My lens seems not
to be opening, hmm
We started out as we start out many of our rides, at the State Capitol Building Downtown.  We rode around looking at the incredible views of the lake and the flowers and the area surrounding the Capitol Building where Huey P. Long (Uncle Huey) is buried.  I must say, he does live in a beautiful place now!

Then we headed downtown to North Blvd, where we have the Mystic Krewe of Mutts Parade actually, and listened to some jazzy Jazz.  There were two stages set up and the performers alternated between the two so the spectators had to move between them about 50 feet.  We had a place backstage and had a bird's eye view of everything, shade and all.  The temps were perfect, warm in the sun and breezy wonderful in the shade.  We did stop for a sugar free snowball and it was soooo good!

Johnny Winters is playing right now, but Frank and I didn't stay, we had dogs to attend to.  Dan and Amber did stay to hear him play.  I guess they ate the festival food for dinner: hot cajun sausage, grillades, cotton candy, Boudreaux's Daquaris and gumbo with potato salad dolloped in it.  Can't get more Cajun Blues than that!

When we hit the Mississippi River Structure we saw the water was really dramatically low if you think about the flood.  I will do a comparison in a later post, I took some specific pictures for that.  Here we are all together, I made them take a group shot, even though some of them did not want to.  Yes, it was the pretty one.  You can see me, I have the  red helmet hair!  And the totally gorgeous skinny body that looks like it belongs to someone else!

This is a great picture of the Old State Capitol.  It used to be closer to the Mississippi but the river has changed course a bit and now it just sits on what appears to be a hill overlooking the river.  It is stately and functions as a really great interactive history museum.

I love my camera, it does panoramic shots.  And here are some nearly 360 degree panos of Baton Rouge skyline and the Mississippi River.  We were standing on the River Boat Structure out in the river.  What you see there is the USS Kidd from WWII.

I sure hope your day was a beautiful as mine!  

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