Friday, May 25, 2012

Dark Shadows and Odd Occurrences

Ok.  (You know how I love that work, and all the drama it adds.)  Ok.  I exerted some power over the men because they agreed to go see Dark Shadows rather than Battleship.  I was not going to see Battleship mostly because the words "action packed" does not impress me and the reviews said it was a movie that would be interesting to a 10 year old over stimulated boy.

the original 
Four of us went, Dan and Amber and Frank and I.  Dan and I remember watching Dark Shadows (the soap opera) after racing home from school and turning the TV on (in black and white no less) (oh, and without a remote we had to get up and physically turn the knob.)  I loved Barnabas Collins.  He was so exotic and sexy and vampiry.  Remember I was friends with Velvet the witch in real live already.  And the Maine coastline was so oddly beautiful and scary and so wonderful.  Having a family who had such loyalty to one another was another dream that was odd to me.  I craved what the Collins' had.  Family.

Jonathan Frid in 2001
The info I read last night told me that Jonathan Frid, the original Barnabas, was in the film as one of the townspeople but had died in April this year.  He did not get to see the film released.  But it was cool he knew the film was being made.  Johnny Depp was the perfect person to play old Barnabas, he is exotically feminine in his movements and his looks are so vampiry.

I loved it.  It was everything I wanted and more.  I only have one thing I would change, But I won't tell you because when you see it you don't need me to spoil the plot.  Just suffice it to say I would have stopped the fire.

And the really odd thing was this.  When I got home, there was a package on my doorstep.  It was another yogurt maker.  Two?  And the Big Bang Theory T-Shirt I ordered for Father's Day for Frank also came in two orders.  How did I get two of everything, separate orders, separate shippers.  Two of the exact times for the order.

So I am returning one of each.  But don't you think that is odd, very odd.  Vampiry odd? No, maybe ghostly ethereal......whoooooooo whoooooo!


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  1. Oh gee, you silly woman, you were supposed to send me that yogurt maker! I wish. :)
    Glad you enjoyed the movie. If I were rich I would buy the old episodes to watch, but they are VERY expensive (about $500) but it would be a blast to watch all the old episodes!
    I will make sure to see this movie when they release it out on DVD!


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